The easiest way to answer that question is to tell the story about Caroline:

Caroline is thinking about starting her own business. She wants to be financially independent again. She wants to do her own thing but still have the freedom to be available for her kids. She wants to find herself again – her passion, her motivation, her enthusiasm. But Caroline is not sure about what to do, which direction to take, or what’s best for her. She is stuck!

Caroline does the ITSSOULED workshop. She is guided, step-by-step through a system that helps her find her true purpose in life, define that purpose into a believable dream, refine that dream, define what she wants and why, build faith and confidence on herself, make a powerful decision, create a brilliant plan, take laser focused action, and persist until she achieves her dream … with greatness.

Caroline’s dream becomes a reality.


Entrepreneurs For those with “Serial Entrepreneurs Disease” – several ideas/directions but don’t know which one to pick
Start a Business For those who crave the freedom and financial independence of working for themselves in their own business.
Mums on a Mission Kids have grown up. It’s now time to find yourself again. Start your own business, work from home, change careers.
Not Sure? Perfect for those who are not sure of what to do, or need confirmation about whether their current path is the right direction

Reconnect With Life

Reconnect with the part of you that used to be courageous, determined, passionate and focused.

Find Your Purpose

Finally discover what the heck it is you’re really supposed to be doing with your life as a career, calling, or goal

Achieve It Easily

Use the ITSSOULED process to achieve any purpose, now matter how big it is, easily and successfully

Relish in Rewards

Experience previously unattainable levels of happiness, continuous success, increased wealth, and improved health


You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go. Make the right decision before you invest thousands of dollars and decades of your life on the wrong decision … and your kids “hate you because your you’re all cranky and stuff” (stuck in a job that bores you tears). Do the ITSSOULED workshop and discover what the heck it is you’re supposed to be doing with your life. Define the dream. Start the Dream. Live the dream.
  • Powerful Workbook System
  • Based on a Study of 25,000 People
  • Members Area & Mastermind Group
  • One-On-One Consulting Available