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The easiest way to answer that question is to tell the story about Jack:

cool-watch-5Jack works in sales and hates his job. He’s miserable and unfilled but doesn’t know what to do about it. He knows there’s more to life but he has a young family and a mortgage and just can’t quit his job. Or can he?

Jack does the ITSSOULED workshop and within hours suddenly realises his true purpose in life – what he really wants to do is buy and sell watches, working from home as part of his own online-watch-shop business. Soon after, Jack goes into a panic thinking, “Well that’s all well and good but how the heck and I going to run a online business from home? I’ve got bills to pay, a full-time job, limited capital, no experience … blahdy blah blah”.

But Jack uses the ITSSOULED system to make the impossible possible … easily. He keeps his sales job yet fearlessly embarks on a new journey knowing he cannot fail! He finds the courage and inspiration needed to make life-changing decisions and implement new changes. He step-by-step sets up his new online-watch-shop business with remarkable speed and previously unattainable levels of success … and opportunity … and fulfillment … and wealth!

Soon his online-watch-shop business takes up so much of his time and is making so much money that he has no choice but to leave his old sales job to work in his new online-watch-shop business full-time. He is now living the dream – doing what he loves as a full-time income, working from home, spending more time with his kids without the stress and depression of his sales job. Best of all, it was SO EASY and the results were nothing short of miraculous that Jack wonders why he never did it before.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too … and you can have more cake, and stack cake on top of your cake, and enjoy the cake, and love the cake, and share that cake with others, and more … you just need a structured system to follow and a mastermind to help you get there. That’s what we offer!


Within hours of doing the ITSSOULED workshop, 90% of our clients find their purpose.
Within months, most of our clients experience the same success as Jack in the story above.

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Most people either don’t know what their purpose is, or they don’t know how they could achieve that purpose.  This  lack-of-direction causes a robotic life – same routine, day in day out, not really living but merely existing, just working to pay the bills. It leads to boredom, depression, anger and ultimately … disease.

But that’s not what life is about. Life is so supposed to be a grand adventure. It’s supposed to rewarding and fulfilling. It’s supposed to be fun!

If you are thinking of getting a new job, or starting up your own business, or considering a big life-change … STOP. Do this workshop first and find out if what you are considering is the right direction for you before you invest thousands of dollars and years of your life! Make the right decision … before you make the wrong one. Then let us show you how to realise that dream as a full-time occupation.


  • Discover what you’re really supposed to be doing with your life
  • Make life-changing decisions, knowing you cannot fail!
  • Achieve any aspect of any goal easily … no matter how big
  • Easily cope with failure, criticism and depression
  • Always know what’s the next step in your life
  • Remove stress, anxiety and worry
  • Renew your energy levels and motivation
  • Relish in previously unattainable levels of wealth and happiness
  • Feel good faster and better every day

Reconnect With Life

Reconnect with the part of you that used to be courageous, determined, passionate and focused.

Find Your Purpose

Finally discover what the heck it is you’re really supposed to be doing with your life as a career, calling, or goal

Achieve It Easily

Use the ITSSOULED process to achieve any purpose, now matter how big it is, easily and successfully

Relish in Rewards

Experience previously unattainable levels of happiness, continuous success, increased wealth, and improved health


  • Personal
  • Career Changes
  • Big Life Changes
  • Mid Life Crisis
  • New Directions
  • Business
  • New Business Ideas
  • New Investments
  • Start Up Directions
  • New Products/Services
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Big Ideas People
  • Success Junkies
  • Inventors and Tinkerers
  • Leave Job Work From Home
  • The Arts
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Creative Geniuses
  • Other “Crazy” People


We are not a religious organization (Heck No!).
We are not a touchy-feely New Age group (Nope).
We are not a business coaching or wealth creation course (Nah Arr!).

We are the prerequisite course you do to find your purpose, achieve it, live it, share it and enjoy it!
The rest is up to you!

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